Fashionistas Bloggers Contest!



LT is expanding our accessory line and we would like you to join us. We are looking for Fashionistas Bloggers. We are looking for passionate and versatile fashion bloggers. The winner of the Fashionistas Blogging Contest will be receiving free Lorraine Tyne accessories that they can rock and will be required to blog about on a regular basis. Do you think you can fill those designer shoes?

Qualifications:1. Tell us two things that you are passionate about
2. How long you have been blogging
3.What 2 things that you personally like about Lorraine Tyne Accessories

Please send all entries to


One thought on “Fashionistas Bloggers Contest!

  1. Catch a comment by it’s wit, or a contest that’s witty for the beauty inside is pretty. Clearly a man of the moment am I once bitten by the leader bug and once shy, so this little light of mine, so this little light shines on the brightly shown-cool version is the unshun, Mycyber Talk

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